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The Chambermaids have been committed to providing quality music education

The Chambermaids have been committed to providing quality music education throughout Australia and South East Asia with the Musica Viva ‘In Schools’ program. Having had over 20 years with this program gives them a wealth of experience in presenting concerts to school groups of all ages.

The Chambermaids have been highly acclaimed by teachers and students for their ability to engage, inspire and delight their audiences.

The Chambermaids strive to present a dynamic performance that is inclusive, educational and creative. Students are introduced to wind and brass instruments that they may know well from their school band programs, as well as more unfamiliar ones.

The audience leaves the concert knowing more about these instruments, having had an introduction to musical concepts and with the understanding that music can have a huge and positive affect on your life.

Because of their experience in presenting schools concerts the Chambermaids have become highly skilled at tailoring each concert to suit the level of knowledge of the students.

The Chambermaids have not only created bespoke programs for the different stages from K-12, but have developed a workshop on ensemble playing, aimed specifically at Year 12 Music Extension students. They have also provided many workshops for band programs and band camps.

A new program has been designed especially for pre-schools and early learning centres. This includes the use of listening games to identify the different wind instruments and an introduction to basic musical concepts such as high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow.

By using songs that children will recognise and different pieces that are completely new to them, the Chambermaids’ aim is to help foster a love and appreciation of live music in a fun and entertaining environment.

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